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Things to do in Perry, GA

Perry is a city located in the state of Georgia. It is set in Houston County, and the estimated population is 15,457. Even though it’s a small town, there are a lot of activities you can explore here. The residents are friendly and welcoming, and you can find various establishments such as restaurants, food joints, bars, coffee shops, schools, daycare centers, museums, amusement parks, and historical sites.

If you ever come to this part of the U.S. we have a list of thing you should do and what places to visit.

Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

Every year in October, GA National Fair runs for ten days. You can experience a lot of free shows, such as pig races, shark encounter, sea lion splash and plenty of magic shows. You can also visit tons of exhibits and delicious food to try. The gate fee is reasonable, between $6-$8 and the entire facility is well-kept and updated.


We are sure you will have a great time here, and it’s terrific fun for all ages. This local even features a lot of activities, and people love spending their time here. Thanks to our following partners in the state of Georgia:

Legion Landscaping

Go Fish Education Center

The Go Fish Education Center provides their visitors with an educational journey through Georgia’s watersheds and teaches them about diverse aquatic wildlife, natural habitats and their influence on water population. You will find a lot of fishing information. The center also features saltwater fishing simulations, hunting simulators, and pond where you can test your fishing skills.


The open hours are Friday and Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Thursday is for field trips or group tours, but they need to be scheduled in advance.

Historic Downtown Perry

If you enjoy shopping, dining and having drinks, then you will love historical Downtown Perry. Here you will find a lot of establishment, and it’s also home of Sam Nunn and The New Perry Hotel. This beautiful small town is full of price and beauty.

You can enjoy an afternoon walk, visit some of the unique shops on Carroll Street and later enjoy a delicious meal at any downtown restaurant.


Daycares in Perry, GA

Living in Perry, GA can be a beautiful experience, especially if you have small kids. But, with that come other responsibilities, such as putting your children into a daycare facility.

Fortunately, we have a lot of daycares which offer various services, and you can choose a facility that fits your budget. They will provide you with excellent conditions and treat your kids with care. Employees are friendly and welcoming, so you will not have problems with the staff.


So, here are a couple of daycares you should pay attention to if you plan to enroll your children.

Special Blessings Learning Center

The daycare is located at 1821 Macon Road and provides with high-quality childcare for children who age six weeks up to 12 years of age. Before and after school transport is included which facilitates logistics for many parents. The price is $111 per week. During the weekends the daycare is closed, but on business days, it opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM.

Your child will have an emergency backup care, summer care, camp, and special needs care.

Brilliant Stars Academy

This is an educational facility that serves the community of Perry, GA, and all its residents. Your kids will be offered with a warm and caring environment, and most all, the age-appropriate learning programs. The daycare center is rather small, and it can receive only 39 kids. But, they have a child care center, daycare center, preschool, nursery, and kindergarten.


The academy charges $103 per week and is open five days in a week. They promote self-confidence and discipline, which will help your kids become independent and more open towards new experiences.

Winnie’s Playhouse Preschool

Winnie’s Playhouse Preschool provides a high-quality and developmentally appropriate educational opportunity for children. The daycare will serve the children of all ages and provide them with a balanced set of activities.

They are open five days in a week and are in this business since 2010. So far, many parents are satisfied with their services, and they have excellent reviews. If you want to enroll your kids here, then you will have to pay $111 per week.