About Author

John Roberts

Hello, my name is John and welcome to my blog.

I have been resident of Perry, GA for the last 20 years. I moved here when I met my wife, and we started our life here. When I first came to Perry, GA I fell in love with people and city itself. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and I knew this is going to be my future home.

I raised my kids here, found a job, bought a house and never felt sorry why I decided to start my life here. Perry is an exciting city and has a lot to offers, especially if you are a family man. We have a lot of activities, amusement parks, historical sites, museums, and schools.

This is one of the reasons why I launched this blog. I want to share my experience with you and tell you how you can have fun in Perry, GA. We have many tourists coming, and every year that number is increasing. I hope my blog will help you discover the wonders of Perry, GA and that you will enjoy your stay here.

We have a lot of accommodation available, at a different price range, so anyone can find something that fits his budget.

I will be publishing daily posts and weekly blogs informing you about the current events and things you can explore at Perry, GA. I invite you to visit my beautiful town, and I am sure you will fell in love with, as same as I did.